About us

The purpose of Vanilla Way is about experiencing, exploring and facilitating collaboration and trust.

To come together as peers who share the passion for transformation in groups of people – whole organisations and movements.

We are a group of changer nerds.
We are committed to walk what we talk.
To dream, create, act, fail and learn and to learn again.
Fascinated by the possibilities of facilitation – a way of leadership.

Coming together and exploring these topics as peers
leads to the beautiful and essential effect of incubating our values around collaboration and trust in each Vanilla Way members individual life and project.

Our work as external consultant matters to us – reach out is crucial, our own life though is the place where we can birth and incubate our vision,
where we can go deep down to the ground of what we actually dare to and dare not to do.
What ever connects us is our shared Consciousness.



how to become a member

Iteration 0.8, Dec 21st, 2016 – PROTOTYPING STATE
We see that it is the people who make Vanilla Way and are working on fulfilling our organisations’ purpose of
„bringing out transformative power through guidance and research on collaboration and trust“.
Therefore we are very happy that you have found your way to Vanilla Way. And it excites us that you are interested to join.
This document introduces our onboarding process to you and will eventually lead you through it.
We would like to to invite and onboard new members so that we can grow as a collectively organized change agency.
At the same time we want to be mindful of the fact that our organization also needs boundaries, just like a living organism.
We therefore want to be open and selective at the same time and developeda playful 4-Step onboarding journey, that newcomers can embark on.
During this maybe 4, maybe 24 week-long onboarding-journey, you will find out for yourself,
what, for what and who Vanilla Way is and if it is the best place to be for you right now.
If there are no major concerns from existing members,
it is ultimately up to you to decide whether you want to join Vanilla Way.
Here is a short overview about the onboarding adventure that is awaiting you:
  1. Read the onbaording story and get inspired.
  2. Find a Buddy who helps you on your adventurous journey
  1. Meet the Mother*
  2. Meet the Hermit
  3. Meet the Bear
  4. Meet the Winemaker*
* meeting the mother and winemaker is also possible at one of our vanilla team-retreats
  1. Celebrate being a full Vanilla Member
  2. Support others to come onboard
And here it comes in detail:

… you dear newcomer, dear pioneer of the new, dear magician of trust. You are at the door to a vibrating community full of believers, doers & dreamers. Our community is wishing to welcome everyone with pure intentions, regardless where she or he is coming from. We hope you are ready to bring your genuine gift?!
The commitment, passion and skill of the Vanilla Way members will determine the success of our mission to bring out transformative power and leaving marks of trust & collaboration wherever we’ll act.
In that manner we are inviting you to take part in our self-on-boarding process. We have mixed a once told story about an ancient prosperous community, that also had to protect her boundaries, with our Vanilla self-organisation and governance philosophy.
Throughout our process you’ll meet different members of our community in different roles. The mother, the hermit, the bear and the winemaker. With them together, you’ll find and finally decide on your own, if you like to join Vanilla Way.
And this is how the story goes:
Once upon at time there has been a community who lived hidden in the forest during the inquisition time. They practiced rites and processes full of nature’s wisdom. In those times these practices where perceived as witchcraft. Their life was dependent on who was coming close to them. They took good care of who was entering their village – but not through building a wall or fence. They sent their four wisest members to meet with the newcomer instead: the hermit, the winemaker, the mother, the bear. If the newcomer get’s a long well with all of them, he will ultimately decide to stay.

The mother traditionally will wash the newcomer. It means she will see him naked. It means to be sure there are no secrets hidden from past action, projects, affairs. What brings him*her to us? Are there on both sides secrets that are important to be revealed before committing to each other?The hermit will adress to the soul of the newcomer. He will see if his or her practical day-to-day philosophy is compatible. Do his values flow into the community, is there a common perspective? How does the new comer look at life, trust, collaboration, evolution? The hermit knows how to explore purpose and values of us brothers and sisters.

The bear traditionally will fight the newcomer. He will provoke. He wants to be sure, that he*she knows that on earth there is love and harmony and there is challenge and pain, too. The world is always moving. The bear makes sure the newcomer brings some sort of resilience and is open to build resilience, too. Does the newcomer feel ready to be an active, anchored, dynamic member in the position of facilitating change itself?

The winemakerwill verify the joyfulness in the new comer. He will take him to a party. Living joyfully a life is a healthy sign. It’s a great thank you of trying this journey together. The winemaker and the newcomer will celebrate life together.

…so, dear newcomer, are you ready to meet the mother, hermit, bear and winemaker and to begin this adventure?

Find a buddy among the existing Vanilla Members
(contact info{at}vanillaway.net to ask for a current members list)
The buddy is there to help you orientate in our „chaordic“ organization and to support you during the self-onboarding.
He will share with you what we do, how we work together, how we take our decisions, how we deal with money, our values and principles, the role of the team retreat, etc.
//**this is work in progress**
You might need some patience when finding your buddy/mother etc.
Materials that give an overview of our internal and external Organisation need to be developed, to support the buddy in his job.
Ideally there is a checklist of what needs to be made transparent/discussed between newcomers and buddy… Purpose, Values, Rights & Responsibilities.


1st STEP
Contact one of the MOTHERS of out of the members and find a date.
(contact info{at}vanillaway.net to ask for a current members list)
The Mother will have a1 to 1 talk with you focussing on :
What is your background?
What experiences and skills do you bring?
What will others like about being with you in the team?
Where do you see yourself within Vanilla Way?
This step is complete after you:
(a) uploaded a recording, a video or a text document about what you figured out together about skills, experience, … relevant to Vanilla Way, so other members als know what gifts you bring to the collective and are getting inspired collaborating with you (See example in dropbox coming soon). This medium will be later linked to your profile, after you have have decided to onboard.
(b) sent in a description of your profile + picture, similar like in the member list, that we can share with our clients and newcomers. Send this to info@vanillaway.net

STEP 3 to 5 can be done in the order you wish

2nd STEP
Contact one of the HERMITES out of the members.
(contact info{at}vanillaway.net to ask for a current members list)
What is the newcomers general motivation, his purpose?
What values, philosophy, attitude matters?
The hermit will share the existing dream, visions and purpose of Vanilla Way with the newcomer and
do a dream circle with him or her, asking how Vanilla Way needs to be in his eyes to be the most successful and inspiring project he or she can imagine being part of.
This step is complete after you shared a file stating your Dream, Purpose and Values

3rd STEP
Become part of a project with one of the BEARS.
(contact info{at}vanillaway.net to ask for a current members list)
The Bear will do a project with you, with a focus on …
How to work together on a concrete project.
How to dance with „Dragons“, means how to deal with triggers, pressure, other people… all of what a life outside our comfort zones can offer.
This step is complete after you:
Uploaded a form in Bear ReviewForm „YYMMDD_Name_Bear Review-Form“
to the Dropboxfolder after an interview with the Bear. Find the Form-Template in the Dropbox too.
This can only be done after having completed a common project (or completed a big milestone), so he really had a chance to „dance/fight“ with the bear and meet some Dragons.
Completion can mean
  • executing a specific role with related tasks in a specific time and/or
  • contributing a specific amount of financial or other resources towards a specific goal

4th STEP
Meet one of the WINEMAKERS.
(contact info{at}vanillaway.net to ask for a current members list)
The Vignero/Winemaker will celebrate with you and find out the following:
Can you celebrate success and failure?
How well can you align with the spirit of the Vanilla tribe?
Do you really like this crowd?
This step is complete after you shard a picture of your celebration.

You can NOW GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK: DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A VANILLA MEMBER, with all the rights and responsibilities?
>>>> IF YES:
—> Now you can initiate Vanilla Way projects.
—> Share ownership and shape the organization.
—> Continue this incredible journey of creating a new culture within a community based on trust.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You are allowed to share and adapt our work under same conditions. Inform your self on the Creative Commons website or get in touch with us.