Team & Network


Manuela Bosch, Berlin/nomadic
I am a facilitator and trainer for collaborative and personal change. With my work I am addressing project development, community building and healing equally. Basis of my work is the deep dive researching about the relationship between self discovery and manifestation. For doing this work I have founded Vanilla Way Agency in 2010.
Besides my various own projects, I have been facilitating over 60 social startups and community projects since 2010 and I have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and change makers in brand-workshops, shamanic-seminars and Dragon Dreaming Project Design, bringing together purpose and work.
Skills/experience:Vision/Purpose and Governance processes, Dragon Dreaming Project Design, Theory U & Social Presencing Theater, Communication, Project Management, Work in/with Nature and Body

Ruth Andrade, Santo Antônio do Pinhal, Brazil
My personal dharma and passion is to support and research how networks can be developed to meet our human needs. At the moment I am involved in three main  pathways: a collaborative network for offering integrated design solutions for building resilience in communities affected by disaster; a learning network around the theme of integrating methodologies for developing win-win organisations and finally, the early stages of a bioregional food network in Brazil. My main area of questioning or research are around creating the right conditions to express our inherent capacity for self-organisation, creativity, collaboration and autonomy. I’d love to investigate this topic with others!

Felix Baller, Berlin/Switzerland
In have a strong passion for activism and community development in my backpack. The last two years I have been diving into the KaosPilots education and with that innovated hugely my practice in the fields of design, management and (self)leadership.
 With my work I would love to contribute to sustainable and eventually large scale social change and I believe in the power of cooperation as the biggest resource for us humans. Therefore I am very passionate about “human interaction processes“ in general and process consultation.
At the moment I am exploring how an accessible model for solidary neighbourhoods can empower communities and support a shift towards more just asylum politics.
I am superhappy to have found a place like Vanilla Way where I can bring many of my passions together and work on them together with others.
… and I love partner acrobatics.

Leo Meyer-Schwickerath, Berlin
I am a trained engineer. I am a trained dancer. I am a trained improvisation theaterist. I am a trained facilitator. I am a…. well, a mix 🙂 I would consider myself a bridge-builder. And very much a communicator. And a reflector. That has passed throug a journey from the heart of a possible career as an engineer till closer to my heart.
Currentrly i am working in an organization that is 5 years young and growing exponentially. It started idealisticly but is changing more and more classical  coorporate. My (inner) mission there is to support to create a workplace that enhances the employees health instead of destroying it. And that is truly innovative in not making the same industrial-age paradigm mistakes in form of “just” brining a revolutionary product to the world, but also focusing on HOW we bring this to the world.
I picked up knowledge about a bunch of different social “techniques” (TheoryU, DragonDreaming, ArtOfHosting, Zukunftswerkstatt, DesignThinking, classical Product Development Process …..) I love to use them in order to create a more pleaseant organizational being.
As already the wise “Pippi Langstrumpf” said: Ich mach mir die Welt, wie-de-wie sie mir gefälllt. (I create myself the world, how i would love to see it). Thats my aim. Lets start now, together! Isn’t life too preciouse and short to hesitate to start creating the best world possible right now?!

Guillaume Verhaeghe, Brussels/Berlin/Nomadic
I’m a dream facilitator. I lead people to the roots of their intentions, deal with their fears, dance with their wishes, honor their path, align their voices on the needed trust.
Dreams are reality we would like to create. Let’s blow on your sparks.
I combine years of experience in project and personal development. As an external world explorer, I’m a globetrotter. To stay anchored with the thirst of development, I’ve found several start-up with different social & investment forms, with different teams in different countries. As I internal explorer, I dug into the universe of self understanding, spirituality and emotional release. Last two years, I combined these approaches and became a shaman for an organisation. Now, I test a new skin.
Beside, I’m a poet, writer, dancer, and on the path to create an alternative school based on intuition and creativity.

Sven „Huge” Kutz, Berlin, Germany
my name is huge. i have an education in mediation. i love communication, organization development and human beings. i already worked a lot with different people in cultural contexts.

This is the overview of the people who are currently building Vanilla Way hands-on.
Then there are our connections to potential newcomers, we talk with about 20 awesome talents and characters about this at the moment, in different intensities and roles. 
Then there is a wider circle of Collaboration Partners.
And then all our Friends and Supporters.