Project Guidance


Vanilla Way is an international network of Facilitators, Coaches, Trainers and also an Agency, offering coaching/training like services, with the purpose of bringing out transformative power through guidance and research on collaboration and trust.


Our services reach from mindfulness/embodied/dance/writing/sculpting practice, social presencing theater, group-work, mediation/communication under conflict,  vision/purpose process, harvesting/evaluation, cristallization/objective process, governing/decission process, commitment setting, collaborative task/project planning. leadership training, set-up of organisational structure.


We work with Dragon Dreaming Project Design, Sociocracy S3, Dreamocracy, Teal-Organisations, Theory U, Social Presencing Theater, Mediation, Business Model Canvas, Mindfulness/Shamanic Practice… to just drop a few names and forget it again. It’s some useful knowledge/concepts we carry and networks we are embedded in, but/and we are designing for each project an individual process, depended on where you are and what you need.


Usually we start with a workshop, ideally intense 2-3 days and continue our work by meeting in a certain rhythm for shorter sessions to support the integration – follow-up is the actual work.


But, we would need to know from you what is your dream in context of the work we can provide?
What would need to happen through our service, so you will be able to say afterwards, that your investment of time/money/energy was „worth“ it? That the Vanilla Service totally rocked!
Each one of the people joining the workshop needs to answer this question in 3-4 lines. This serves as a briefing for us.


We are interested in living the attitude of Gift-Economy, which shall not be confused with “donation-basis” or “free service”, rather with a honest dialogue on what each side can give.
Our costs and efforts are covered with a regular daily consulting/coaching fee and we are open to creative win-win-win solutions, in case funds are missing.
There are funding possibilities through BAFA for young german companies


We recommend to work with a second facilitator. Sometimes it’s needed, sometimes not.  It is depending on the number of participants, what expertice is needed and the complexity of your case.


Contact us to find out what you need and what we can give:
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